Victoria’s Secret Jobs – 3 Steps to Success

Victoria’s Secret JobsYou’ve probably heard about the clothing store Victoria’s Secret…right? They sell a huge range of items aimed at women, such as lingerie, sleepwear, and even beauty products. Every year millions of Americans shop at their stores and the company continues to expand into new markets around the world.

Maybe you want to become a part of their team, and apply for one of the many Victoria’s Secret jobs that are advertised around the country and throughout the year? Read on to find out more information…

Making initial contact

The best way to make initial contact and begin your application for Victoria’s Secret jobs is to visit their website and choose the “Careers” section. Here you will find a printable Victoria’s Secret job application form, which you can fill-in and then take into your local store.

At the time of writing there is no option to send the application form electronically online, although this will probably change in the next year or two.

For now though just take it into the store and ask to speak with the manager. Then simply introduce yourself, hand over the application form, and leave with a smile and a handshake.

The manager of the store is usually very busy, so don’t try and start asking them questions or engaging them in long conversations. You can save all of that for the interview.

Going for the Victoria’s Secret Jobs interview

If Victoria’s Secret are hiring in your area then expect to hear back from them very quickly once you have handed in your application form. Typically, they will phone you to arrange an interview, although they could also contact you by email or letter so make sure you check all communication channels on a regular basis.

The interview is a perfect opportunity for you to show them why you are a great candidate for Victoria’s Secret jobs and would be a great addition to their team. Always “dress to impress” when attending a job interview and arrive at least 10 minutes early.

Once in the interview room, be confident, have a smile on your face, and speak clearly. At the end of the interview ask a few questions about the job role and the company.

Be flexible

Thousands of Victoria’s Secret jobs are filled every single year, and the vast majority of them require you to be flexible and willing to work at different times of the day.

For example, one week you might be working a normal 9 to 5 schedule, while the next week you could be working in the evenings. If you are not prepared to be flexible then you might find it hard to be accepted for a job at Victoria’s Secret.